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1 February 2005

PepsiCo learns to leverage across categories

Through the Loop has published the first of an annual series of reports covering the foods operations of PepsiCo. This looks at how the company has developed in this area, focusing on the Snacks and Quaker Foods sides of the PepsiCo business.

PepsiCo has a major advantage over its competitors in that it is able to maximise synergies across the beverages and foods operations, for example developing joint promotions across fruit juice and breakfast cereals.

PepsiCo may be viewed as having "unhealthy" products within its portfolio. However, it is classifying some of its portfolio as "better-for-you" and is thus aiming to benefit from greater interest in healthy eating and drinking and thus offset the threat that may be posed to its "fun-for-you" products. The merger with Quaker Foods has provided PepsiCo with substantial added credibility in the health area.

Corporate Focus Foods: PepsiCo Annual 2002 is designed to provide companies in the food & beverage industry, marketing communications companies, packaging companies, ingredients suppliers and others with an in-depth understanding of one of the world’s major food & beverage manufacturers.

Published in February 2005, the PepsiCo Annual 2002 is 71 pages with 7 tables and 9 charts. Corporate Focus is also available as a quarterly newsletter which enables subscribers to keep up-to-date with developments at PepsiCo on a strategic and product group level. A detailed Table of Contents can be downloaded at

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