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4 September 2006

Broad portfolio drives PepsiCo growth

PepsiCo’s development of brands outside its core carbonated beverage category is helping to drive the company’s growth. Tropicana, Gatorade and Aquafina are key brands for the company at a time when consumers are shifting away from “traditional” carbonated, sugary drinks.

The other major change at PepsiCo is the soft towards the international operations. The overseas beverages and snacks business is growing revenue and profitability at a faster rate than North America. This partially reflects growth in emerging markets. However, the merger of the beverages and snacks operations into a single division has been a crucial factor in this move. The company is able to realise synergies in areas such as distribution and marketing.  

These are the key conclusions of the latest Annual from Corporate Focus Beverages. The report is a detailed analysis of PepsiCo’s beverage operations up to the end of 2005. It details the company strategy, structure and analyses the various brands in terms of marketing, new product launches around the world.

Corporate Focus Beverages is designed for companies in the industry as well as for packaging suppliers, ingredients suppliers and communications agencies. The Annual provides a detailed snapshot of the company that is valuable as a competitive monitor but also helps to understand PepsiCo as a customer or partner.  

Published in September 2006, the PepsiCo Annual 2006 is 113 pages with 7 tables and 5 charts. Corporate Focus Beverages is also available as a quarterly newsletter which enables subscribers to keep up-to-date with developments at PepsiCo on a strategic and brand level. A detailed Table of Contents can be downloaded at

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