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6 June 2003

Pricing becomes more dynamic

Following last year's conference on differential pricing, Martin Payne, Strategic Projects Director of Through the Loop, will be building on this subject in a new conference speech on 8 July 2003 in London. 

"Using dynamic pricing in a demand-driven economy" will be taking the differential pricing topic further by looking at how companies can and are using pricing strategies to make their marketing more appropriate to consumers. 

Companies are increasingly realising that their product or service value can vary according to time of day, weather or other dynamic elements. Furthermore, the value may not be constant for all consumers. As a result of this dynamic pricing policies gives them the opportunities to make their pricing more tailored to individuals or more appropriate to the market-place at a particular point in time.

Further details on the conference are available on the Through the Loop Web site or direct from Osney Media.

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