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6 June 2006

Unilever needs to innovate for growth

Unilever has returned to revenue and profit growth in 2005 after a period where the impact of disposals and a difficult market environment contributed to a fall in profitability. However, while the company is reporting strong growth in some markets, Europe remains difficult and this is a problem that Unilever needs to address quickly due to its importance to the company in terms of revenue and profits.

The further slimming of the company through the imminent divestment of the frozen foods operation in Europe will make Unilever even slimmer that it became after the Path to Growth strategy that ran up to 2004. What is important now for Unilever is to drive growth through genuine innovation, for example in products, communications and retail channels, to capitalise on consumer trends and build on the Vitality strategy.

This is one of the key conclusions of the latest Annual from Corporate Focus. The report is a detailed analysis of Unileverís foods operations up to the end of 2005. It details the company strategy, structure and analyses the different product groups in terms of marketing, new product launches around the world.

Corporate Focus is designed for companies in the industry as well as for packaging suppliers, ingredients suppliers and communications agencies. The Annual provides a detailed snapshot of the company that is valuable as a competitive monitor but also to understand Unilever as a customer or partner.

Published in June 2006, the Unilever Annual 2006 is 172 pages with 23 tables and 8 charts. Corporate Focus is also available as a quarterly newsletter which enables subscribers to keep up-to-date with developments at Unilever on a strategic and product group level. A detailed Table of Contents can be downloaded at

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