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8 January 2003

Facing Uncertainty

We live in difficult times: the economy is not performing how we would like; there is a constant terrorist threat; the weather does not behave the way in which we expect and our personal identity may be becoming somewhat confused. All this leads to a level of uncertainty for consumers and businesses. 

Through the Loop's latest MarketLoop newsletter looks at some of the factors that are driving this uncertainty and the impact these then have on consumer and business uncertainty. The principal conclusion is that uncertainty has become part of the business environment and is not a temporary phase. As a result companies will have to factor this into their strategic planning.

Martin Payne, Strategic Projects Director of Through the Loop: "it is no longer sufficient to wait until the business environment becomes more certain and stable. There are so many issues that have led to this more turbulent environment that companies will have to treat this as the environment in which they will have to operate in the future. This means that strategy has to become more flexible and they have to plan short-term as well as long-term so that their direction can be changed at a moment's notice."

A copy of the MarketLoop is available on the Through the Loop Web site

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