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12 February 2002

Complete Control

We are in the midst of a significant shift in the balance of control in the market-place. The consumer has now taken control and calls the shots. Increasingly it is the consumer that is the centre of marketing operations, not the marketer. Consumers are sometimes disenfranchised from the marketing effort, often cynical and occasionally aggressive.

Consumers are more likely to respond to “personalised” offers that not only speak their language but also address their individual needs or requirements. Furthermore, those marketers that do communicate on a one-to-one basis will gain more intimate knowledge of their consumers. This should ensure an ongoing increase in consumer satisfaction.

The consumer in control offers major opportunities for marketers to develop product and services that are totally in tune with individuals’ needs and desires. This refers to not just marketing communications but also the way in which products and services are developed. In order to achieve this, marketers have to adopt a genuine consumer focus and place the consumer at the centre of marketing operations, not their product or service or their media channels. A recent survey by the Charted Institute of Marketing showed that 43% of companies agreed that customers were the most important stakeholders. Clearly, the marketing profession has some way to go before it can call itself consumer-focused.

This is one of the key consumer issues facing marketers today that is analysed and discussed in the latest edition of ConsumerLoop from Through the Loop Consulting. ConsumerLoop is written specifically for the benefit of senior professionals in the business of marketing and gives an expert and objective analysis of key consumer issues that impact directly on the success of marketing operations today.

Through the Loop is an independent, strategic marketing consultancy integrating consumer, brand and market-place insight. Our objective is to help clients make actionable decisions. Through the Loop analyses key marketing and branding issues that affect companies in today’s chaotic environment. the value of stories and the blocks upon which they are built.


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