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22 July 2004

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Corporate Focus: Cadbury Schweppes has global ambition

The intense acquisition activity by Cadbury Schweppes in recent years is clear evidence of the company's global ambition for its confectionery business. The purchase of the Adams division of Pfizer at the end of the review period made Cadbury Schweppes the largest confectionery company in the world with presence in all major market segments.

However, outside the Adams operation, it is difficult to view Cadbury Schweppes as a truly global operation. Multi-national is a better designation as Cadbury Schweppes' confectionery and other foods products are available in a limited number of markets. In the important US market, for example, the company has little presence and some of its brands are licensed to Hershey.

The way in which Cadbury Schweppes fulfils its global ambitions will be largely dependent on how it leverages the distribution base that it has gained with Adams. 2003 was a year of consolidation following the Adams purchase and difficulties in the US soft drink operation. Once these have been overcome, Cadbury Schweppes has the potential to build a global confectionery operation around the Adams distribution structure.

The Corporate Focus Foods Cadbury Schweppes Annual 2002 is a corporate profile and strategic analysis of Cadbury Schweppes up to the end of 2002. The focus is on the foods and confectionery operations of the company. The beverages operations are covered separately in Corporate Focus Beverages Cadbury Schweppes.

This annual publication is designed to provide companies in the food & beverage industry, marketing communications companies, packaging companies, ingredients suppliers and others with an in-depth understanding of one of the world’s major food & beverage manufacturers.

Published in July 2004, the Cadbury Schweppes Annual 2002 is 67 pages with 11 tables and 9 charts. Corporate Focus is also available as a quarterly newsletter which enables subscribers to keep up-to-date with developments at Cadbury Schweppes on a strategic and product group level. A detailed Table of Contents can be downloaded at

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