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24 September 2003

Talking About My Generation

It seems that every day we can open the newspapers and read stories about how national healthcare systems are struggling to cope with the demands on them despite increasing investment in them while teenagers are discovering new brands and established brands are fighting to retain their place with new groups of consumers. 

The reasons for such issues are not rocket science but, like many factors that impact on marketers, government, indeed anyone, it is clear that the evolution of demographics is crucial to understanding how markets will evolve. National healthcare systems and pensions providers are still to face their major test when the baby boomer generation retires. At the other end of the scale there are an increasing number of brands targeting the highly important but possibly declining, in terms of numbers and as a percentage, youth market. 

Martin Payne, Strategic Projects Director of Through the Loop: "a detailed understanding of how demographic changes will affect your business and your brands is absolutely vital. However, this is no longer sufficient in itself and what is needed is a complete understanding of consumer life stages. How do people behave at different stages in their lives; how does their product consumption change?"

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