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6 June 2003

Making a real difference to people's lives

It is not often that we undertake a piece of research where respondents tell you that the product can make a real difference to their lives. This is exactly what happened during Through the Loopís work with Entific Medical Systems. We were asked to help develop a patient perspective for Entificís BAHA direct bone conduction hearing device. This is to help secure an indication for BAHA for patients who are single-sided deaf, i.e. in one ear only.

The study comprised both qualitative and quantitative research in the UK to help us learn more about this sizeable, though possibly neglected, group of patients. Our first task was to learn more about the condition and the problems faced by patients in their everyday lives. This enabled us to move into a quantitative research phase where we sent a questionnaire to members of the British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA). This elicited a response rate of around 45%, very high for a postal questionnaire and it indicated a very high level of interest in the subject. Following this we were able to establish a series of focus groups around the UK so that patients could try a test version of BAHA and judge how it may work for them if they were to have the device fitted.

We were able to conclude that BAHA was able to solve a number of problems faced by sufferers of single-sided deafness in their daily lives, was easy to use and appeared to be substantially more effective that alternatives currently offered. 

A case study of this research can be found on the Through the Loop Web site.

Entific Medical Systems is a rapidly expanding medical systems company focusing on bone anchored applications based on the principle of osseointegration. More information about Entific Medical Systems and BAHA can be found at

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