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31 July 2003

Pool Opens Up for Summer 2003

Pool continues to build into an-line resource for leading-edge writing on business and marketing strategy. Issue 23 covering summer 2003 is now on-line offering a series of new feature articles, book reviews and the "I wish I'd thought of that" feature that showcases a good idea every issue.

Issue 23 has a strong focus on branding and this emphasises the importance that the issue has nowadays. 

This issue's lead article "The Making or Faking of Emotionally Significant Brands" by Dan Herman gets to the heart of what a brand really is. A brand is not a product with a name stuck on it. It is not something that has a personality similar to a human being. Today brands are immensely powerful and the article goes to the heart of what a brand is and what role it plays in people's lives. 

Other features address different areas of the ongoing branding debate. Daniel Edelman, a new author to Pool, looks at how to conduct brand extensions. Karen Post looks at the importance of relationships at the heart of a brand; regular contributor asks which will be the brand failures of tomorrow. The full list of feature articles is as follows:

  • The Making of Faking of Emotionally Significant Brands by Dan Herman.
  • How to Conduct Successful Brand Extensions by Daniel Edelman.
  • Brands are About Relationships not Transactions by Karen Post.
  • The Branding Failures of Tomorrow by Nick Wreden
  • Seven Steps to a Winning Business Strategy by Tobias Winther.
  • Forget About Those Lost Customers and Feel Good About It by Michael King.

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