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Corporate Focus launches Unilever Annual 2007

The latest Annual in the Corporate Focus Foods series is Unilever 2007. This covers corporate and product level developments at Unilever up to the end of 2006 with an outlook to 2005.

Kraft Foods to become more focused

Kraft Foods is currently undergoing a major transformation as part of its Sustainable Growth Plan. However, the replacement of Roger Deromedi by Irene Rosenfeld suggests that this transformation has been happening far too slowly.

PepsiCo's broad portfolio drives growth

At a time when its core carbonated beverages business has been struggling, PepsiCo's move into water, fruit juices and sports drinks has enabled it to increase revenue and profitability. This is one of the conclusions of the new Corporate Focus Beverages: PepsiCo Annual 2006.

Voucher Association Conference

26 April 2006: Martin Payne spoke at The Voucher Association's Conference providing a consumer perspective on the purchasing of vouchers and gift cards. A copy of the presentation is available.

Bathroom scale research

Through the Loop has produced a definitive report on the bathroom scales market. This shows the, despite the rising concerns over obesity levels, sales of bathroom scales have been falling. However, the growth area is the more complex body fat monitors.

Consistency from the Inside

Our ongoing analysis of successful brands has noted that consistency is a key factor in delivering an exceptional brand experience for consumers. At the very heart of this is the role of internal marketing and so the new issue of BrandLoop considers the factors that impact on developing the brand from the inside.

Retail Evolution

The manufacturer - retailer relationship has been a major debating point for some time. The latest issue of MarketLoop looks at how the retail environment is evolving and, consequently, where there are new opportunities for retailers and manufacturers.

Entific research recognised at Marketing Research Awards

Through the Loop's recent BAHA research was awarded a Commendation at the Marketing Research Awards 2004 at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

New Corporate Focus Web site

A new-look Web site for Corporate Focus provides sample newsletters for all the companies currently covered by the service.

Corporate Focus reveals opportunities presented by understanding corporate strategies at a formative stage, acquisition and divestment policies, licensing, innovation, worldwide new product development, branding philosophy and management, identifying strengths and weaknesses and indicating investment priorities.

Each company is covered by an annual foundation report, a series of quarterly newsletters and an e-mail alert service. These are distilled from hundreds of different sources worldwide and provide an up to date review of developments at corporate, divisional, regional and global levels.

Talking About My Generation

Demographic shifts have a significant impact on markets and brands. An understanding of this is vital for marketers but it is important to go beyond this to understand consumers' life stages.  

"Experience Counts"

Marketing magazine of 19 June 2003 featured exclusive new research conducted by Through the Loop for the agency rpm into the understanding and use of Brand Experience by UK marketers.

Opening PurpleDoors

Through the Loop is a founding member of PurpleDoors, a multinational research and consulting network launched in October 2000. PurpleDoors is designed to help accelerate clients' decision making processes through a unique mix of competencies, senior management working on projects in every country and co-ordination in the country most relevant to the project. All PurpleDoors members have cross-category experience and are owner-managed companies.

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