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Finally, you can generate global insight for through a network of companies totally accountable to you, and each other. The founding members of PurpleDoors include established, experienced marketing research and communications consulting firms in key markets.

A senior partner working on your business in every market. Our member firms are owned by executives who are very much involved in day-to-day client activities. They are accountable for client relationships, and the quality of the work their firms deliver. As a testament to the quality of their work, all of their clients have to them by referral.

Central coordination in the market of your choice. Selecting a lead market for a project can be driven by your location, or the key market(s) you want to penetrate. Either way, we bring you seamless cross-border project management. Every PurpleDoors' company is experienced in managing large multi-market insight projects.

Strategy that is based on solid insights. Strategists are made not born. We have found that the best strategists are those with years of on-the-job knowledge, and diversified work experiences. The people in the PurpleDoors network are all highly-regarded senior executives in their field, all with at least 15 years in their market or industry.

Accelerated decision-making. If you, like many of our clients, are on a faster decision-making track, you can rely on PurpleDoors to deliver insights that are clear, and actionable. The fact that all of our business has come by referral is testament to the quality of our recommendations.

Experience in your industry. Telecommunications, automotive, financial services, health and beauty, consumer products, retailing, health care, technology, advertising, entertainment and media.