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Ever Been on an Instant World Journey?

The identification of similarities and differences amongst consumers in different cities and countries around the world is the key to effective international marketing. In order to achieve this it is essential to balance a level of central control and co-ordination with efficient local insight.

PurpleDoors has developed SNAPSHOT, an Instant World Journey, to highlight the similarities in many markets around the world for the 8am market. Our consultants act as the eyes and ears of the marketplace and can help to identify new trends, product & service opportunities and different ways of defining categories.

What is the 8am market? Is it about queuing for a cappuccino, sitting down to eat a bowl of noodles or struggling with the public transport system on the way to work? Are you in a hurry or relaxed? Do you have a chance to read the day's news? PurpleDoors SNAPSHOT highlights how this 8am market varies across cities and countries and provides an indication of how this market could be viewed as on entity, offering powerful new insight for companies to develop their brands.

SNAPSHOT represents the first stage of understanding where more detailed consumer research can uncover valuable insight to add value to existing products and services, develop new categories and transfer learning across countries to maximise consumer opportunities.

SNAPSHOT is available for download at no charge from the PurpleDoors Web site here (PDF, 3.7 MB).

PurpleDoors is a global network of research and consulting companies who share the same beliefs, values and working methods. We have a team at your disposal in all your major markets with only senior people working on your business to ensure strategic insight for accelerated decisions.

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