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October 17, 2000
PurpleDoors Brings Accelerated Decision Making to Global Businesses

Through the Loop announces the launch of PurpleDoors (www.purpledoors.net), the global network for strategic insight for accelerated decisions.

PurpleDoors' founding members include owner-managed consultancies specialising in marketing insight and strategy. With offices in Asia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, United States and Western Europe, PurpleDoors' clients are guaranteed a senior partner working on their business in every market, and central coordination in the market of their choice. Member firms are currently working with blue-chip companies in the telecommunications, financial services, health and beauty, consumer product, retailing, health care, automotive, technology, advertising, entertainment and media industries.

"We are filling the need that global companies face daily-arriving at a better understanding of their customers and markets, to define clear decisions and action paths," explained Carol Samms, Managing Director, Through the Loop. "We, and our clients, believe that senior-level experience is the only way to accelerate quality decisions. Each PurpleDoors' founding member-company is headed by professionals with at least 15 years experience in their markets and industry. They practice their craft on a daily basis. Accountability has not been delegated."

The hallmark of PurpleDoors companies is their ability to translate insight into action. Recent projects have included: market-entry strategies for a Western European telecom into new global markets; market positioning for the merger of two US financial services firms; brand development for a software company seeking to build market share in Russia; product development and launch for the first interactive TV service in Spain; seven-country advertising test for a new consumer service; defining new market opportunities in Germany for a service company; leveraging the intellectual property of a US-based content provider into new revenue steams.

PurpleDoors customises a strategic insight process for each global client, and then ensures consistency of approach across markets through the network. PurpleDoors crafts strategies and action plans surrounding: brand development, positioning, product development and launch, customer relationships, communications and business planning as well as market-entry, competitive analysis, employee retention and merger integration.